19.Meridyth Moose(non-registered)
Hey Kristopher Robin! Your pictures are Tony the Tiger Terrific
18.dick eberline(non-registered)
Terrific material. Keep up the great work!
17.Vickie Lee(non-registered)
Love your work! You've done very good!
Wow! You have managed to catch lots of awesome pictures! keep it up and thanks for sharing!
15.Kesha Bowie(non-registered)
Wow, those photos look amazing.... glad that you're doing what you love. Wish you nothing but the best.
14.Trudy Lopez(Paul's Wife)(non-registered)
Awesome photos! Do you do family photos?
13.jason raines(non-registered)
the web site looks wonderfull. its always nice to see peoples dreams start to come true! i know you find peace in art and your work. proud of you. love always the proffesor! p.s. ready for the mountains? great jams on the site .
I enjoyed looking thur ur pictures they r really nice
I really enjoyed looking through your photos Kris! I am grateful to have a new friend with a good eye for all of the beauty this world offers us! I will definitely spread the word about your gift.
Good pics Kris.
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