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These pictures are from my travels through the great state of Colorado.

Canvas Gallery Wrap
1.5" depth 2.5"depth
8x10 $83.00 $113.00
10x10 $85.00 $115.00
5x30 $105.00 $143.00
11x14 $105.00 $143.00
10x20 $112.50 $150.00
16x16 $120.00 $180.00
10x30 $135.00 $157.50
16x20 $135.00 $180.00
16x24 $150.00 $195.00
20x20 $157.50 $202.50
20x24 $165.00 $210.00
20x30 $195.00 $255.00
24x30 $225.00 $292.50
24x36 $255.00 $330.00
Standouts- Photos are mounted on 1.5" thick, lightweight Gatorfoam edged in black or white smooth trim. Just like its name, Standouts will make your purchase standout. Can be printed on E-surface, Metallic, and True B&W. Prices are the same for all three. 8x8 $37.50
8x10 $37.50
8x12 $45.00
10x10 $45.00
11x14 $60.00
16x20 $105.00
16x24 $120.00
20x20 $125.00
20x30 $165.00
Fine Art Metals are modern, edgy, and beautiful. Brushed aluminum Metal Prints show images in an incomparable way. They are printed on 1" deep brushed aluminum boxes. 16x16 $180.00
16x23.5 $195.00
19.5x19.5 $210.00
19.5x23.5 $225.00
Fine Art Murals are guaranteed to make a statement. The image is split between four 11.7" brushed aluminum tiles. Each Mural features silver snap rings and brackets for easy assembly and wall mounting. Murals will hang approximately 1" off the wall.
24x24 $210.00
24x36 $285.00
24x48 $360.00
36x48 $510.00
Fine Art Acrylics are printed directly to the 1/4" acrylic and then a layer of opaque white ink is screen printed on the back to create a product that highlights the vibrant color and fine detail of the image. Stainless standoffs for mounting are included.
16x16 $180.00
16x23.5 $195.00
19.5x19.5 $210.00
19.5x23.5 $225.00
Print Wraps are some what like a Canvas Wrap but they are printed on photographic paper and laminated with a mounting block on the back. Print Wraps are an easy way to create that gallery look inside your own home.
8x8"E-Surface $36.11 Metallic $38.80
8x10"E-Surface $37.90 Metallic $40.56 8x12"E-Surface $56.92 Metallic $62.92 10x10"E-Surface $55.95 Metallic $61.95 12x12"E-Surface $64.25 Metallic $70.25 11x14"E-Surface $64.32 Metallic $70.32 10x20"E-Surface $76.96 Metallic $83.86 16x16"E-Surface $89.95 Metallic $96.85 16x20"E-Surface $95.98 Metallic $103.18 16x24"E-Surface $110.77 Metallic $121.27
Photographic Prints available in many sizes and can be printed on E-Surface,Metallic, and True B&W with a Lustre or Linen Texture. please contact me for pricing. Ask me about greeting cards, puzzles, wall clings, magnets,calendars and mouse pads as well.

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Fall on the RocksSunrise, KDM Imagery, HDR, Colorado, Kris McGeheeFall AspensSouthern SangresSaddle MountainWolf Creek Pass Over LookCommadore Mine (black & white)Old MinesTreasure Falls (close up)Christmas Steam EngineSnow StormSan Carlos Trail CreekArchwayPeaceful Grazing(black&white)Hidden FallesPeaceful Creek